Art show in Delray Beach

DAY DREAMING TRIP 36 X 24 3 PANELS EACH FOR WEBSITE GENTLE BREEZE TRIP FOR WEBSITE PARADISE SUNSET TRIP - SIDES FIXED CORRECTLY SUNSET BOATS TRIP 5-panel- the time of my life 09 AMONG FRIENDS  TRIP TYCK 40 X 30 CENTER - SIDES 12 X 30 EACHWell we had an Art Show in downtown Delray Beach on Saturday and Sunday.  The show was wonderful but unfortunately the weather (yes even in South Florida) wasn’t agreeable.  Lots of rain which diminished the crowds considerable.

We were fortunate to have made some very nice sales and people just loved my multi-piece canvases.  We are waiting with bated breath for these multi pieces to be up on this website so that all of my wonderful customers and collectors will have access to these pieces.  Just to wet your whistle I have attached a few pieces for you to look at.

Working with multi-piece canvases has been challenging and rewarding.  I so much love to play with Photo Shop and it has become another creative venue for me.  I am self-taught on Photo Shop as well……seems to work best for me.  This multi-piece canvas began when I wanted something in my own family room.  I have a very large t v  on a stand and I find it distracting from the décor.  I wanted something over the t v but everything just sat there and you still saw only the big black t v.  So I tried a multi-piece canvas in variable sizes and wow it looked great.  I am also going to post that for you to see.  Now when someone walks into that room, the first they see is the multi-piece canvas (5 pcs) and it sure makes a statement.

Hope these pieces are up on the site soon but in the meantime, you can get them anyway.  Just write to me directly and I’ll be sure they are made available to you.

Be back soon.  Keep checking in


our amazing universe

20131122_141505 20131122_141526 exotic-fish-tank-9598764I am awe struck when I look around at the creations in this universe.  I had a lovely lunch in beautiful Downtown Delray Beach with a friend and we sat overlooking the ocean.  What a beautiful day.  We then went for a stroll and wound up in a lovely new building on Atlantic Avenue with the most amazing fish tanks I have ever seen.  Much to my delight a baby shark had just hatched and we were privy to see this amazing little tiny black and white shark.

There were a variety of tanks that housed the most beautiful exotic fish I had ever seen.  While standing there in total amazement at the beauty before me, I realized how much divine order is in the universe without any of our “human” help.  I took a few photos of the fish tanks but they don’t do them justice due to lighting etc.  What interested me what the way in which nature provides for itself.  The fish were beautiful, the colors amazing and matching on both sides….absolute perfection.  There was  a striped fish that had the stripes lined up in such a way that it went thru the eyes.  I am going to post a few photos for your enjoyment but again I apologize for the lousy shots.

We live in a wonderful world filled with beauty everywhere.  We need to open our eyes and really look around and appreciate our existence in this wonderland we call our home.

All these beautiful variety of fish all seem to be happy and getting along together regardless of their color etc.  Our human brothers and sisters need to follow their example.

I am so excited by the colors, textures, stripes, etc that I have seen and am now looking into more that I may just experiment to something very new for me.  Ummmm, we’ll see.

Happy Thanksgiving to all again…..



This is the time you begin to think about “Thanksgiving” and what it means to you.  To me, I have so much to be thankful for.  I am so grateful for the wonder of the seasons, the oceans, beaches, woods and mountains.  When I sit and contemplate the vastness of the earth, it never fails to take my breath away.  To be part of this unbelievable universe is a blessing in and of itself.  So often, we fail to see the beauty around us and look about for new things to own and buy……when in reality nothing we can buy could compare to what God has given us as our birthright.

When I sit by the Ocean, which I do very often……I give thanks for being here.  Once I was going out with some friends on their boat.  We were leaving from Boca Harbor and I was standing in the rear of the boat with my small Yorkie, Tigger.  The mansions that were standing before me were massive with built in pools and docks, and windows that didn’t end.  These private homes were so large and impressive.  I was admiring them as we pulled out of the slip and as I watched these massive buildings become as small as a pin, I turned and before me the ocean and sky was vast.   WOW ……are we foolish to think that the things we fight so hard to accumulate are really any big deal.  That was an awakening moment for me.  I have never looked at the mansions with much more than a smile and knowing from then on.

I have always enjoyed painting the beauty of our lives  and in some small way remind us all of the wonder we were given.  God Bless you all and enjoy the Thanksgiving Season.


Leaving the Fall behind and heading to the Tropics

Montauk Lighthouse Sunset, Long Island, NY175 Montauk L H Sunset

Well I have just left my home on Long Island, New York for my winter place in the Tropics (Florida).  It is a bitter/sweet feeling to leave this behind but I so look forward to a wonderful season in the sun.  New inspirations come flooding in when I sit by the water and relax.   Not something that would be able to be done in the cold wintery months that follow.  I grew up in New York City and I don’t think there is a colder place to live with the high buildings blocking the sun and the wind whipping around the corners.  Well, that’s how it always felt to be as a kid and I always longed to be in the warm sunshine.  Wishes do come true and I have been blessed with the best of both worlds.

I try my best to convey the beauty of all seasons to my collectors but it is pretty obvious that my heart is the summer and fall.  I have done some pieces of winter in New York which is always beautiful when you are looking out at it…

Please enjoy my site and get lost in my imagery.  I love hearing from you all and if you have any suggestions ….please let me know.



Autumn in New York

Wow…..the colors changing, the leaves falling, warm soft breezes……couldn’t ask for more perfect weather.  As the leaves begin to fall I know that cool conditions will be on the way….so I am just enjoying the perfect Autumn and then I head back to sunny Florida.  The autumn season really reminds you of just what a creator our creator really is……there is nothing anyone could paint to compare to Gods  autumn canvases …but I sure try.  When I paint I try to imagine the feeling of touching the fallen leaves when they fall and do all I can to put that look into the piece.  Take a look at some of my  Autumn Scenes to see what I mean……..Autumn Road, Windsong and Weeping Willow.  I am finishing up some new pieces right now and look forward to showing you them when they are ready.

Keep checking back as new things are constantly being added to my site.

Ciao for now.  Diane                          Windsong  048-WINDSONG3321 - 32 X 48   BEAUTY OF AUTUMN 3320 - 32 X 48  WALKING IN FALL copy